Is Empower Right For You?


By Dr. Lauren Dyer

Just over 3 years ago, we opened our doors not knowing what to expect.

All we knew was that we wanted to practice in a way that put our patients first—with integrity, compassion, and exceptional service being the intentions behind every decision we make. We wanted our space to foster connection, community, and growth for each person that walked through our doors.

Little did we know that over the next few years our care would be so well-received that it has allowed us to serve hundreds of people across Maine from neighboring towns to hours away—even out-of-state. As we reflected on how this came to be, a few key themes emerged for what set us apart and why patients continue to work with us. However, we understand that we are not for everyone. We have our own approaches, specialties, and philosophies that you may or may not connect with. If so, wonderful. We look forward to meeting you. If not, that’s okay. We hope you find the care you’re seeking.

Whether you are interested in Chiropractic or Acupuncture to elevate your well-being, we want you to have this introduction so you can confidently decide if we are the right fit for you.

Thank you in advance for considering our practice.

Dr. Travis Dyer ~ DC, MSACN  Sharyn Peavey Photography

Dr. Travis Dyer ~ DC, MSACN Sharyn Peavey Photography

Dr. Lauren Dyer ~ DAc, LAc, Dipl. Ac (NCCAOM)  Sharyn Peavey Photography

Dr. Lauren Dyer ~ DAc, LAc, Dipl. Ac (NCCAOM) Sharyn Peavey Photography




  1. You prioritize your health.

  2. You value preventative care just as much as seeking relief for health concerns after they arise.

  3. You are open to receiving guidance, tools, resources, and support to take your health into your own hands.

  4. You are willing to participate in your care outside of the treatment setting by implementing recommendations offered by your clinician. For Chiropractic this can include stretches and strengthening exercises; for Acupuncture this can include Lifestyle and/or Mindset Exercises, Eastern Dietary Therapy, and Chinese Herbal Medicine.

  5. You are looking for more than just spinal manipulations from your Chiropractor. You value an approach that looks at the bigger picture beyond the joints. You are open to working with a Chiropractor who does things differently to treat the muscles and mechanics involved in your pain pattern to give you lasting relief.

  6. You are looking for a Maine Acupuncturist who combines a traditional approach with modern wellness insights and evidence to give you an integrative style of care that is personalized to your needs.

  7. You are looking for a more natural and holistic way to manage acute or chronic pain, reduce the amount of medications you are taking, or avoid surgery.

  8. You are a recreational or elite-level athlete that wants to work with a Sports Chiropractor who understands the unique demands your sport places on your body, the most common injuries you can face, plus the most effective ways to prevent + rehabilitate them.

  9. You want to work with a Doctor of Acupuncture who has experience treating a diverse range of complex internal health conditions with a clinical focus on Emotional Health + Pain Relief.

  10. You value a collaborative approach with a clinician who will help you navigate your healing process with compassion.

  11. You are willing to discuss and learn how chronic stress, unprocessed emotions, difficult life experiences, lifestyle, and environmental factors can be affecting your health.

  12. You are willing to set aside time to attend treatments at a reasonable frequency suggested to give you the most effective care in the most efficient time frame possible.

  13. You understand that our care is meant to provide you with sustainable shifts to achieve long-term wellness—not a “quick-fix” or cure.

  14. You appreciate transparency when it comes to communicating about your care.

  15. You live in Central or Southern Maine and have availability that our hours can accommodate.



If you have any questions on how we can support you, reach out.

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Lauren Renee Dyer