Postpartum Support


 Traditional Chinese Medicine and culture have a rich history of respecting the time after birth as a sacred transition, known as Zuo Yue Zi. It symbolizes both a gateway and retreat where replenishment and recovery are essential for a new mother's health. Our practice carries on this tradition by supporting you with Acupuncture, Eastern Dietary Therapy, and related modalities during, what is essentially, your fourth trimester. 



In Chinese Medicine, birth is a shift from Yang to Yin...

Before birth, there is an abundance of qi, energy, extra blood, and nourishment to support the growth of your little one. The dynamic warming and transforming nature of Yang shines at this time. It is with birth that these vital substances naturally decline, and the essential Yin period for recovery through rest, proper nutrition, and embracing your body's healing process begins.

In today's culture where high-energy, productivity, plus "bouncing back" to pre-baby body and spirits promote unrealistic expectations, slowing down to replenish yourself in the name of your and your little one's long-term health can be hard to initially embrace. We understand this and are here to give you the reassurance, restorative treatments and resources to help you pour from a full cup again. 


Our post-natal patients come to us for help with:

Stress Relief 

Sleep Support

Neck & Back Pain

Lactation Insufficiency

Chronic Fatigue

Anxiety & Depression

Loss of Libido

Poor Digestion

Scar & Tissue Healing

Diastasis Recti


For Post-Natal Acupuncture, we welcome you and your little one(s) to our space. Feel free to hold your baby during treatment, let them sleep beside you, or arrange for/bring a guardian during the hour that's all yours. We look forward to giving you time for yourself, and encourage you to do whatever feels best and will allow you to relax.