The level of care and compassion at Empower was by far the best I had ever received. Travis and Lauren were able to treat the entire patient not just the one issue I was describing. They took the time to truly investigate the problems and design a perfect regiment that had me
back to work in no time.

I am impressed with how Lauren and Travis respect one another’s field and work together to help patients in a comprehensive treatment plan. They work well together and make me feel safe and cared for. They give their heart everyday. I never feel like a patient, I feel like family.
— OA, Lewiston

I was originally skeptical about acupuncture and believed it couldn’t do everything promised. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Within the first treatment I began to feel relief from the pressures in my wrists and hands and began sleeping better than I had in a long time. Along with the sleep the amount of tension and stress truly seemed to diminish after every visit.
— JG, Auburn

I first came to see Lauren for symptom support during the process of a long-term gastrointestinal bacterial infection. My treatments were very helpful in terms of muscular/skeletal pain relief, improved sleep, reduced anxiety and calming inflammation. Nausea was a major part of my illness, and acupuncture treatments were actually much more helpful to me than traditional anti-nausea medication. It felt like my treatments really helped my body better “organize” the healing process, and thereby manage it more effectively and naturally.
— CJ, New Gloucester

Travis did an amazing job working on my neck.
It had been locked up for about a month following a injury sustained in competition, and in one session he provided me with relief and gave me advice on how to manage the pain if it ever came back. Happy to say it hasn’t. Highly knowledgeable and capable.
— CR, South Portland

Let me tell you, Dr. Travis Dyer at Empower has completely exceeded my expectations...I wish I had heard of him sooner! After just two visits I am nearly 100% pain free. He knows his stuff, is affordable and the results from his clients speak for themselves. If you’re dealing with a sports or training injury, go see him!
— JS, Lewiston

Lauren is an active listener, very thorough and detail-oriented. She’s also incredibly kind, respectful, and has a very gentle touch. Lauren really takes the time to listen to how things are with you on that particular day, while also keeping an eye on the overall progress. She’s able to change her approach as she goes and adjust treatments to best suit an evolving situation, all while maintaining clear communication... I can honestly say I have never had a more positive care experience anywhere. It’s been lovely.
— CJ, New Gloucester

I have Bipolar and found it hard in the past to regulate my mood swings, even with proper care and regulation. Mentally after about 3 months of seeing Lauren, my family noticed my mood swings were less unpredictable. My bouts of every two week meltdowns evolved to an even keel. My psychiatrist was baffled, as he has tried for over 2 years to relieve any of my symptoms. Acupuncture ended up turning my life around.
— DL, Auburn

Dr. Dyer really helped me get to the root of my problem. In just a few weeks he has done for me what a physical therapist couldn’t do in 5 months. Now I know the right stretches to do and how I can help myself feel better. Thanks to him I am finally pretty much pain free and back to living my life.
— EM, Gorham

Over the past 10 years of high mileage, marathons, and all the pains that encompass a runner’s body, I believe I’ve seen every Sports Chiropractor within 70 miles of Central Maine. On first interaction, Dr. Dyer was super easy to talk to & I could tell he legit understood what I was going through, not just as a patient, but as a person. During my first treatment I saw great gains in range of motion and reduction in pain. The next morning during my run, my low back had not felt that good and pain free in over 12 months. I cannot recommend Empower enough.
— SH, Gardiner

I was always hesitant about trying acupuncture. Now, I cannot believe I waited so long. Not only has Lauren been able to diminish my hot flashes & reduce my stress level, but the cupping treatments have helped with a long simmering shoulder issue. I highly recommend Empower!!
— CS, Gray

My period went from being the worst time of the month to a non-issue. I no longer have pain with ovulation or my period. No cramps! I also haven’t had any difficult mood changes that were normally worse at those times...I was surprised when my cycle began to regulate itself. Now my period just comes
and goes and I don’t have to dread it.

I came to Empower months after hurting my back from a skiing accident. I was told I would live with this pain for the rest of my life which lead to the same treatments with other providers multiple times a week and the pain didn’t budge. When I met Dr. Dyer, I was immediately impressed with his ability to explain the cause of my pain and his in-depth treatment. He said his goal was to get me moving pain free as quickly as possible, and he did just that. After a few visits, I was walking without pain and staying active the way I was before getting injured. I can’t thank Dr. Dyer enough and highly recommend him.

Dr. Dyer is a precise, determined, and caring Chiropractor. He takes every discomfort, no matter how big or small, seriously. His holistic approach to medicine is crucial for promoting the healing process. I would recommend Dr. Dyer to anyone.
— Af, Portland

My life was spiraling down a drain and I thought I exhausted every resource I had. Thankfully I met Lauren. She showed me compassion and acceptance. I believe she put the glue my family needed to come together again...while I am not suffering with pain or other issues, I have more ambition to participate in life. With a four year old that’s a great relief.
— AL, Auburn

Lauren has such a calming presence. She listened to all my symptoms and asked what I was looking for for results. After on session, I felt soooooo much better. My energy was back. My pain reduced. I recommend everyone to go see her!
— EG, Lewiston

I traveled 2.5 hours just for Travis to work on me & I 10/10 can’t recommend him highly enough. Great service, two great people & I’ve gotten the most for my buck here than anywhere else. I’ll definitely be coming back!
— JS, Bangor