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Women's Health


 We believe that our bodies are always speaking to us. It is when tune in, that we can realize the connections between our daily habits, mood, energy levels, internal health, and more. Even subtle to the most debilitating symptoms are our bodies way of telling us that something is awry, and we are here to listen.  

 Our care combines the extensive wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine with Western Bio-medicine, to provide you with a deeper, integrative understanding of your body, hormones, and current health conditions. Acupuncture and related therapies naturally treats the root of issues women face by restoring balance to your body's systems. 

Allow us to help you navigate life's rhythms with grace. 



As women, many of us are left believing that certain disorders or symptoms are "normal," that we have to just "live with it." We do not have to accept that. 

Our holistic care is meant to re-define normal by restoring balance to your body's systems. We are here to show you what optimal feels like.




We work with women of all ages struggling with conditions that interfere with their everyday well-being as well as their reproductive potential. We also understand that these two do not always go hand-in-hand. After all, a healthy menstrual cycle and the hormonal balance required is essential to your overall health. This is why we ensure that you are given the care, information, and resources so you can feel fully empowered in your understanding and decision-making when it comes to your body. Whether you are looking to avoid pregnancy naturally, reduce the side-effects of hormonal contraception, or enhance your fertility, we will always respect and support your choices.


Our patients come to us for help with:

Pre-Menstrual Syndrome (PMS)

Painful Menstrual Cycles

Absent, Heavy, or Prolonged Menstrual Cycles

Spotting between Cycles

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)


Low Libido

Perimenopausal Hot Flashes

Stress, Anxiety, and Depression


“My period went from being the worst time of the month to a non-issue. I no longer have pain with ovulation or my period. No cramps! I also haven’t had any difficult mood changes that were normally worse at those times...I was surprised when my cycle began to regulate itself. Now my period just comes 
and goes and I don’t have to dread it. ”